Get Yourself HIRED.

Supercharge your internship application with our comprehensive program. Start your journey with a free evaluation of your resume and transcript. Get expert feedback to enhance your profile and increase your chances of success. Once you pass the screening stage, choose from our extensive list of top companies and we'll send your profile directly to their employers who are ready to consider providing you a referral or even hire you upon learning more about you. Enjoy personalized guidance, interview advice, and consultation from our dedicated advisors. With over 80% paid internships, our program certainly gives you the winning edge. 

STEP 1 (Free!): Evaluation of your Profile

Send us your resume and transcript:

EMAIL SUBJECT: (Last Name, First Name, Screening Request)

The first part of our plan is free: We will evaluate your resume and transcript free of charge. You need to get a rating of at least 6/10 stars to have your profile passed on to the companies you choose. It will take 3 business days to get back to you through email. This stage provides you with free, detailed feedback on how to improve your profile if you do not make the cutoff.

Your stars are calculated based on the rubric below. The average of the resume point and GPA point is your star number.


Resume (out of ten stars):

We evaluate collectively your:

Transcript/Cumulative GPA:

STEP 2: Choice of Companies

After you are notified that you have passed the screening stage, you may proceed to the "Our Companies" page to select companies offering positions you want to intern at. Your profile will be sent to one of the employees working there. You should also have received a congratulations email or call from one of our consultants at Referral Deck. They will be directly helping you with the process from here, including free consultation such as interview advice. Most importantly, your advisor will have direct communication with the employer/employe at each company your referral request will be sent to. Take the opportunity to email or call them at any time. You will be notified if an employer agrees to refer you within two weeks. You only need to pay a monthly fee of $30 dollars and it includes 10 companies you choose to send your profile to, as well as the free training and consultation.


STEP 3: The Good News

If someone at one or more of the companies we have sent your profile to shows interest in learning more about you, you will be given the their contact information. Please keep this confidential between you, your connection, and your advisor. This will be your chance to show yourself to them, and network. At this stage, you and your connection(s) should discuss specific positions you want to apply for. There may be a public job posting you must respond to. However, many of RD's partner companies offer a private hiring process that your connected employer/employee(s) will provide you with. Work with your advisor and connection(s) to figure out which exact positions to apply for. When you and your advisor believe is the right time, you can ask your connection for a referral. In many cases, some companies may skip certain interview stages, or even directly welcome you to their team!


Congratulations! You have received an internship through your hard work and the help from RD. To secure your internship offer, please submit a payment of $500.

Good luck!