Application Advising

At Referral Deck, we prioritize the success of our students. Our Internship Application Advisors, who will work directly with you, are committed to empowering you to present yourself in the best possible light and maximize your chances of securing valuable internship opportunities. We understand that each student is unique, and our advisors will provide personalized support tailored to your individual goals and aspirations.


Our Advising Team

Nhat Tran, Incoming Analyst at Accenture

Nhat attended the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and his first job out of college is an incoming full-time analyst at Accenture. Throughout college, Nhat has successfully completed Internships ranging from marketing to private equity.

Professor Jay Rao, Babson College

Professor Rao is an innovation and entrepreneurship professor at Babson College in Boston, Massachusetts. His research has appeared on The Sloan Management Review, The European Business Review, the European Financial Review, and more.

Ben Jones, VP of Partnerships at Buggy

Ben Jones is the director of Director of Partnerships and Business Development at Buggy. Ben founded his own consulting company, and has worked at a diverse range of companies. His motto is to provide unlimited opportunity for those who are a part of his life.


STEP 1 (Free!): Meet Your Advisor

You should have received a congratulations email or call from one of our consultants at Referral Deck. They will schedule a ten minute call with you for you to learn more about each other. 


STEP 2: Application Advising

Your advisor will work directly with you for up to 5 hours each week. Our team of experienced advisors is here to guide and support students throughout the internship application process. We provide expert assistance is in preparing resumes, cover letters, and interview skills. 

When it comes to resumes, our advisors have a deep understanding of what employers are looking for. They will work closely with you to craft a tailored and impactful resume. Our advisors know how to showcase the unique qualities and strengths of each individual, ensuring that their resumes stand out from the competition. In addition to resumes, our advisors will provide personalized guidance on creating compelling cover letters. They understand the importance of a well-crafted cover letter in capturing the attention of employers and demonstrating a genuine interest in the internship opportunity. 


Interview preparation is another area where our advisors excel. They will conduct mock interviews, providing valuable feedback and coaching to help students build confidence and refine their interview skills. Our advisors will share industry-specific insights and strategies, equipping students with the tools to showcase their abilities and make a lasting impression during internship interviews.

With our expertise and guidance, students can approach the internship application process with confidence, knowing they have a dedicated team behind them every step of the way. Let us help you unlock the doors to a successful application and a promising future career. With this plan, you pay $250 a month for up to three hours of calling your advisor and other communication. 

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