Frequently Asked Questions

Referral Process

How do I qualify for the networking and referral stage?

Qualification for the referral stage is based on our free and simple screening process. Please visit Step 1 under “Get Yourself Hired.”

How will I be in contact with my connection(s)?

You will be given their email address, as well as any other communication methods they feel comfortable with. If you have an imminent question or request, you can ask your advisor to contact them for a quick response. You may also be able to schedule call(s) with your connections if needed.

How can I be sure that my connections are reliable?

Rest assured all of the employers and employees working with RD are verified. You will be given ample information on your connection(s) to show their qualifications. Furthermore, you will be connected to them on a personal level, and given plenty of opportunity to know each other better!

What companies are available for referrals on the platform?

We have a diverse range of companies listed on our platform, ranging from renowned organizations to multiple startups across various industries. The available companies may vary over time as we constantly update and expand our network.

When should I ask for a referral from my connection?

You will be in constant contact with your connection(s) who have agreed to network with you, so you can consult with your personal RD advisor when the right time to ask for a referral will be.

What will my personal advisor do?

Your monthly subscription includes complementary counseling by a personal advisor who will prepare your profile according to which positions at each company you choose to apply to, including those not with RD. They will also serve as intermediary contact between you and your connection(s).

Free Resume Review

What types of documents can I submit for resume feedback?

We accept various document formats, including Microsoft Word (DOC/DOCX) and PDF. You can upload your resume in any of these formats for our review.

How long will it take for me to receive feedback?

It will take us up to three business days to finish reviewing your resume and provide detailed feedback. This feedback will be sent to you in an email to the address you provided.

Internship Application Advising

Do I get to choose my advisor?

Our team will decide which advisor will be mentoring you based on your profile. After you pay, you will be sent an emailing requesting certain information, which we will use to match you with the perfect advisor for you!