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Referral Deck aims to provide you with the opportunity to show companies across the world who you are and substantially stand out from the millions of applicants. If you are here in the hopes of attaining a position (Referral Process), you can find positions in the sector you want to work in at companies of your choice, and have your information and our recommendation sent to employers working there. Our companies trust our process and are working very closely with us, with their employer/employee(s) ready to network with you and then shape your application to fit their company's offered positions. These people, including CEOs, are working directly with us and are excited to learn about who we recommend to consider hiring or provide a strong referral for. In fact, we are so good that if you do not receive an offer in three months, you get all your money back. A significant proportion of companies we work with offer "secret internships," which are positions that are not normally visible to the public. Over 80% of our companies offer paid internships.

Hooked on? If you don’t have a dad working at Google or a good buddy at Deloitte, you’ve come to the right place.

Application Advising.

Even if you're not here to look for a job through RD, you can also choose to have 1-on-1 mentorship from one of our advisors who help shape your resume, cover letters, and interview skills in preparation for your applications (Application Advising). Our advisors work closely with you to craft tailored and impactful resumes, highlighting your skills and achievements. They also offer assistance in creating compelling cover letters that capture employers' attention. More importantly, through mock interviews and industry-specific insights, our advisors will help you build confidence and refine your interview skills. Our advisors embody a diverse range of backgrounds, ranging from professors at renowned universities to employees from the Fortune 100.



Millions of students are recognizing the importance of attaining a college internship, and you may be one of them. If not, you should strongly consider getting one. Due to the exponentially competitive nature of the hiring process for full-time offers, it is vital for students to showcase their skills and capabilities to employers around the world as early as possible. Moreover, internships almost always give students significant work experience needed not only for their resumes, but also for their own career knowledge. Of course, it also offers a great source of income. Here are some statistics from recent research showing the importance of college internships:


Even if you’re extraordinary, it is hard to stand out amongst the 22 million U.S. and Canadian college students, and hundreds of million students worldwide. This is where connections come to play. If your family member or close friend is working at a company, a referral or recommendation from them could boost your chances by not just a bit. In fact, employee referrals up to 50% of hires, as of 2022. 

There are many benefits referrals bring to companies themselves as well. Businesses love using employee referral programs as they are very effective for finding strong candidates. Furthermore, when programs successfully gain referrals, these referrals can save 13+ days of hiring time and over $1,000 in hiring costs. 

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